The Djinn

In any religion, there are both figures that are thought of as holy and figures that are thought of as devils. Within the Islamic faith, there are the djinn. The djinn are believed to be spirits that roam the earth and are generally peaceful, but can cause mischief from time to time. The interesting thing about the djinn of the Islamic denomination is that while they are considered satan figures, they are also considered to be able to achieve eternal bliss if they follow the guidelines set in the Revelation. So, the question remains: are djinn good or evil spirits?

Djinn is an Arabic word that means “conceal” or “to cover.” A djinni is a spirit that is unseen to the human eye, thus giving them poltergeist-like attributes. As the djinn are a normally peaceful group, they can live amongst the mortals. However, they can be easily disturbed and angered. An angry djinni can cause paranormal phenomenon, cause an accident to befall an unsuspecting man or even possess a human and force them into a fit similar to a seizure.

Not all djinn cause problems in the mortal world. There is lore and belief that djinn are responsible for new human life by possessing the body of a woman. The words “fetus” and “womb” are also attributed to djinn because they are both hidden from sight and grow via unseen forces, such as the djinn.

Djinn have certain classes to denote their power. “Djinn” is in itself its own class. The hinn are a class of djinn that are particularly weak and are the mediators between men and stronger djinn. The “ghul” are a strong race of djinn that are able to shape-shift and feed on humans. The “ifrit,” a word that means “to overcome,” are malevolent djinn and cited in the Quran as taking the Queen of Sheba’s throne in the name of Solomon. The “jann” are another set of shape-shifters that claim territory in the desert and amongst the first discovered by man; the jann are able to reveal or hide oasis’s from wondering travelers based on their feelings towards them. The “marid” are the djinn responsible for the belief of genies as they are well learned in magic and have strong wisdom; the marid were once aids to kings and priests.

The djinn are still believed in today and the necessary precautions are taken. But, are the djinn strictly to be feared? Or is their good that resonates within them?

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